Spice Market – Returning to Istanbul, stopping at famed Egyptian spice market, our alumni went crazy for nuts, teas, spices and sweets.

Spice Market

Visit Chora Church filled with glittering Byzantine mosaics, considered by some experts to be the  world’s finest examples of Christian mosaics, and Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul’s grandest. You’ll  gain appreciation for the design and engineering genius of imperial architect Sinan, and begin to  understand why he is often compared to Michelangelo. Walk through busy backstreets to the  famed Egyptian Spice Market. Shop for spices, nuts, other Turkish foods, and last minute gifts.  We’re doing this at the end of our trip so you won’t need to lug these purchases around the  country. 

Afternoon free time to explore the trendy re-gentrified Galata neighborhood near our hotel, browse  shops of local Turkish designers or re-visit Istiklal Street. Share one last fabulous Farewell Dinner  together – enjoy Contemporary Turkish Cuisine at a restaurant which is a destination for visiting  international chefs.

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