Warren K.K. Luke ’62 and Duncan MacNaughton ’62

Warren K.K. Luke ’62 and Duncan MacNaughton ’62 Retire

Two veteran Punahou trustees – Warren K.K. Luke ’62 and Duncan MacNaughton ’62 – retired at the end of the school year, after decades of extraordinary service to the School. Luke, a recipient of the 2012 “O” in Life Award, had been a member of the Punahou Board of Trustees since 1988, including serving as chair from 2008 – 2009. During his tenure, he helped establish the Luke Center for Public Service and the Luke Center for Chinese Studies, and supported the Student Global Leadership Institute. MacNaughton, this year’s “O” in Life Award recipient (see page 60), joined the board in 1997, and was instrumental in helping Punahou reimagine learning environments for the 21st century.

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