A Look Back: Punahou Carnival

The tradition of Punahou Carnival dates back to April 15, 1932, when the School’s first Carnival took place with ice cream and sandwiches; games like a baseball throw, ping pong and horseshoes; as well as a pie-eating contest. Academy students hosted the inaugural “Oahuan Campus Carnival” to raise money for the yearbook. Held on Rice Field, the event began on a Friday afternoon and lasted until late evening, raising $240 for the Oahuan. In 1936, the PTA and the junior class banded together and introduced the first Carnival rides.

With its popularity, Carnival became an annual event, except from 1942 to 1946 – during World War II and its immediate aftermath. On March 22, 1947, Carnival resumed, and grew into a monumental effort led by the junior class and supported by thousands of fellow students, parents, faculty and staff and alumni volunteers. Each year, Carnival raises vital funds to support financial aid.

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