Carnival Art Gallery is Back In-Person

We are excited to bring back the State’s largest Art Show, which will be held in person for the first time since 2020.

Visitors will have the opportunity to view and purchase nearly 1,000 works by 220 Hawai‘i artists, featuring a wide range of mediums including paintings, photographs, wood bowls, ceramics, sculpture, jewelry and more. The exhibit will be held at Punahou’s Cooke Learning Commons. Half of the proceeds from art sales will go towards Punahou’s Financial Aid Program. Purchases are available through credit card only.

The public is welcome to attend the opening night on Jan. 31 from 5:30 – 8 p.m. or stop by during Carnival from Feb. 3 – 4 from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m. In addition, we are offering shipping options for the first time, allowing you to send art to a loved ones off-Island. Arrangements for shipping can be made on-site.

Visit for more info about Carnival, including pricing, parking and EK Fernandez ride info.

Here’s a preview of some of the art, as seen on Instagram. Scroll down for a list of artists.

Punahou Carnival Art Gallery Artists

Dwayne Adams
Brennan Alexa
Susie Anderson
Derrick Arata
Gail Atwater
Marianne Au
Kristin Bacon ’91
Seung Kyong Baik
Brian Black ’93
Fabienne Blanc
Sandra Blazel ’75
Regina Bode
Marina Borovok
Dougie Bowers ’80
Lynne Boyer
Bill Braden
Tracy Brady
Ed Brennan
Mark Brown
Robert Butts
Brenda Cablayan
Susan Callahan ’78 Kang
Devin Campbell
Ruth Canham
Jane Carlile
Emily Carl ’88 Tom
Debra Casey
Anthony Castillo
Ryan Catalani ’11
Hungkwai Chan
Spencer Chang
Kathy Chang
Yvonne Cheng
Christopher Ching
Shelly Choy
Wayne Christiansen
Herman Pi‘ikea Clark ’78
Francisco Clemente
Jules Coffee
Andy Cole
Mark Cunningham ’74
Collin Dang
Dennis Daniel
Dan DeCastro
Linda DeGarmo-Cox
Duncan Dempster
Sarah Di Bella ’99
Deborah Di Bella ’69
Patrick Doell
Robert Dusendschon ’63
Jane Earle-Dabrowski ’67
Greg Eaves
Richard Edge
Christopher Edwards
George Eguchi
Solomon Enos
Jean Eriksson
Alexandra Eyer
Kelley Fitzgerald
Betty Hay Wodehouse ’57 Freeland
David Friedman
John Friend ’86
Gregg Fujioka ’67
Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides
Ed Furuike
Michael Furuya
Trudi Kunishima ’87 Galera
Colin Giles ’04
Teig Grennan
Philippe Gross
Barbara Guidage
Jonathan Hamblin
Vince Hazen
Daven Hee
Connie Hennings-Chilton
Elia Herman ’97
Eileen Herring
Lynda Hess
Frances Hill
Ron Ho
Christina Ho
Snowden Hodges
Kathy Houghton
Mark Howard
Bea Hunt
Dianne Ige ’67
Anne Irons-Palma
Lisa Jaworski
Diana Jeon
Evelyn Johnson
Jeannine Hakman ’69 Jones
Mark Kadota
Lillian Masamitsu ’86 Kam
Russ Katto ’01
Steven Kean
Ronny Kilpatrick
Jinja Kim
Wendy Kim Messier
Kelly Kimura
John Koga ’82
Leighton Lam ’74
Melanie Lander
Cathryn Lau
Yvonne Lau
Anuhea Ledesma ’18
Forest Leonard
Marina Levy
Jeffrey Lim ’75
Fong Ling
Barbara Littenberg
Constance Liu
Lynn Liverton
David Louie
Inessa Love
Russell Lowrey ’68
Kevin Lui
Rochelle Lum
Steven Lum ’78
Naoise Magee
Gigi Manawis
JoAnna Maney
Yvonne Manipon
John Margenau
Craig Mason
Suzanne McCrary
Madeleine McKay
Laurie McKeon
Bob McWilliams
David Meyers
Claire Min
Susan Miyachi
Neal Miyake
Tetyana Miyamoto
Tamara Moan
Jill Morton
Jalen Muraoka ’18
Peter Murray
Tim Musick
Ken Nakamura
Noreen Naughton
Deborah Nehmad
Lois Carpenter ’48 Nottage
Patricia O’Neal
Lauren Okano
Jessica Orfe
Alla Parsons
Tamsin Pearson
Randall Pong
Maya Portner ’95
Michael Powell
Saumolia Puapuaga
Esperance Rakotonirina
Nadya Rego
Katharena Rentumis
Wendy Roberts
Cade Roster
Jo Rowley
Dieter Runge
Peter Saffery
Mari Sakamoto
Lauren Salm ’02
Fred Salmon
Ingrid Salmon
Ellen Sanders ’97 Michino
JuiLien Sanderson
Leslie Saris
Domenica Sattler
Terry Savage
Michelle Schwengel-Regala
Nicole Seu ’91
Esther Shimazu
Hyunsun Shin
Zhi Situ
Thomas Smith
Donna Sommer
Linda Spadaro
Sandy Stevens
Joanie Stolz
Wayne Takazono
Sheanae Tam
Gordon Tang
Linh Tang
Jodi Tarnasky-Endicott
Nancy Taylor
Masami Teraoka
Peter Thompson
Lauren Trangmar
Burton Uhr
Dawn Ustach
Lori Uyehara
Orlando Valdez
Cecilia Vargas
Jerry Vasconcellos
Nancy Vilhauer
Claudia Wallace
Michael Weidenbach
Suzanne Wolfe
Jenee Wonderlich
Arlene Woo
Daniel Wooddell ’87
George Woollard ’65
Fae Yamaguchi
Atsumi Yamamoto
Jean Nishigaya ’58 Yokoyama-McDonald
Kaiwi Yoon
Dawn Yoshimura
Neal Yoshioka

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