Student Global Leadership Institute
Wo International Center’s SGLI was launched at Punahou in 2010, and has inspired a community of international youth leaders who are engaged in understanding shared global challenges and who galvanize positive social change.
Beyond the Classroom
At Punahou, two credits of laboratory science are required to graduate, although most students choose to take three or four years of science – and those with a passion for the subject even opt to take five or six credits throughout their time in the Academy.
Becoming Global Citizens
This past summer, our group of 18 traveled to New Zealand, a country with a vibrant culture, history and community. Most of us have lived in Hawai‘i our whole lives, trapped in a bubble, so the thought of expanding our horizons had us excited.
Denby Fawcett ’59
The view from Denby Fawcett’s ’59 lanai never lets you forget where you are. To the west, the massive hull of Diamond Head rises overhead, while below, the waters off Black Point wash onto a rocky beach, reachable by foot.

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