PFA Above and Beyond Recipients 2023 

Every year the PFA honors select parents and/or guardians as Above and Beyond recipients. The volunteers selected have their last child graduating from Punahou, have served multiple terms on the PFA Board, and have held significant leadership roles in Carnival and the PFA. These volunteers have shared their leadership skills, time and commitment with the larger Punahou community.  

Meet our Above and Beyond 2023 recipients, Jana Lynn Fu, Tracey Lyum, Heidi Okikawa, Sheree Herrera and Joyce Wong.

Above and Beyond Recipients awarded at the May PFA Monthly Gathering. From left: Joyce Wong, Matt Lyum (standing in for his wife, Tracey Lyum), Heidi Okikawa, Jana Lynn Fu, and Sheree Herrera.

Jana Lynn Fu

Jana Lynn Fu has two children who have attended Punahou: Carson, Class of 2019, and Jaynie, Class of 2023. Jana has been a Homeroom Parent for 17 years and a lead Homeroom Parent for nine years. She has taken on extensive leadership roles including serving as Carnival Chair in 2018 and Specialities Division Head in 2022. Jana was also Graduation Committee Chair for the Post Graduation Party in 2019, and most recently, she was part of this year’s Nominating Committee. 

Jana shared a few comments about her proudest accomplishments at Punahou. “My proudest PFA accomplishment at Punahou was being the Parent Chair of Carnival 2018. As my son went through lower school, I NEVER thought I would ever want to be the Carnival Chair. But, I did it…and enjoyed it! I was very proud of myself that I was able to survive the two year commitment. Also, I think that I was an inspiration for my daughter (she was in the 7th grade while I was Parent Carnival Chair), because when she was a junior…she was one of the Class of 2023’s Carnival Co-Chairs. She saw what a meaningful experience I had, and she wanted to follow in my footsteps and be a part of such a community-driven tradition here at Punahou.” 

Jana added a favorite memory of Carnival. “My favorite memory (or memories) are working alongside the parent volunteers during Carnival. What I absolutely treasure most about Carnival are the relationships I formed with so many parents. My Division Head parents are just AMAZING! I love them! And, the parents of the Class of 2019 are just as amazing! Through Carnival I made so many new friends and strengthened old ones!”

Tracey Lyum

Tracey Lyum, unfortunately was unable to attend the awards ceremony in May. Her husband, Matt Lyum, received the Above and Beyond recipient award on her behalf. They have two children who attended Punahou: Aidan, Class of 2022, and Nathan, Class of 2023. 

Tracey was a Grade 4 lead Homeroom Parent in 2015 and spent four years as an Academy Advisory parent. Her leadership roles included being a Grade 7 Rep in 2017, Middle School Chair in 2018 and Treasurer in 2019 and 2020. 

Tracey shared that she loved being part of the PFA and working with other motivated, energetic parents. She used her University of Hawaii Business School Financial degree  and knowledge as Senior Vice President at Central Pacific Bank’s Investment Service Department to assist as PFA Board Treasurer.  

She shared a favorite Carnival memory (well at least from her husband’s perspective). “Laughing and wrapping gyros with the other moms while her husband, Matt, and Rich Mamiya sweated away over the grill behind her!” 

Their family is pleased to note that both boys, Aidan and Nathan, were in the inaugural classes of the Omidyar Neighborhood (K-1) and may have been the only two siblings together in the first year of Kindergarten and first grade.

Heidi Okikawa

Heidi Okikawa has two children who attended Punahou: Emily, Class of 2013, and Wyatt, Class of 2023. Heidi served as both a Homeroom Parent and Academy Advisory parent. She was a First Grade Rep in 2012 and went on to become a Grade 2 – 5 Chair, Vice President of New Families/Admissions and PFA President in 2017. Heidi was also active in Carnival and was a Shirts and Materials Booth Chair, Skills and Games Division Head, Variety Show Makeup and Hair Chair, and Variety Show Chair in 2023. She also served in the Buddy Program and on the Nominating, Membership, Volunteer Services, and Parent Enrichment Committees.  

Sheree Herrera

Sheree Herrera has two children who attended Punahou: Lucas, Class of 2021, and Marcus, Class of 2023. Sheree served as a Homeroom Parent for six years, and two of those were as the lead Homeroom Parent. Sheree was a Grade 8 Rep in 2017. Her top leadership roles included PFA President, Administrative VP, and Nominating Chair in 2022. Sheree was on the Long Range Planning Committee for four years and an active member of the Parent Enrichment Committee for three years. She took on prominent leadership roles for Carnival as a Scrip Selling Booth Chair, Variety Show T-shirt and House Chair, and Skills and Games Division head. 

She shared her proudest accomplishment was while working with PFA leadership during the 2019 – 2020 school year to welcome the new school administration and help the community through the start of the unexpected pandemic.

Sheree also shared that her favorite memory of Carnival was “not one memory – it’s all the parents and faculty we met and the friends we were able to make along the way.”

Joyce Wong

Joyce has been volunteering at Punahou for 21 years, beginning in 2002. She has four children who attended Punahou: Michael, Class of 2015, Isabel, Class of 2017, Alexa, Class of 2019, and Kate, Class of 2023. 

Joyce spent 11 years as a Homeroom Parent and Advisory Parent. She was a Grade Rep for Kindergarten in 2007 and 2011, Grade 3 Rep in 2014, and Grade 7 Rep in 2010. Joyce also served as a Grade K – 2 Chair. Her Board Leadership roles included Recording Secretary, Communications VP, Administration VP and Nominating Chair in 2022. She also was active as Grade 7 Canteen Coordinator, Graduation Committee Attire Chair, Graduation Clothing Chair, and Graduation Invitation Chair. Joyce was a member of the Long Range Planning Committee, Accreditation Committee, Nominating Committee, PFA 100th Anniversary Committee and Parent Enrichment Committee. She was a Carnival Chair in 2022 and a Variety Show Chair, Skills and Games Division Head, Administrative Division Head, Student Worker Committee Chair and Publicity Chair. 

Joyce shared her memories about volunteering over the years. “I have so many great memories of my involvement with PFA: Tie-dying at class picnics, Omidyar lunch monitoring, teacher appreciation breakfasts, canteen potlucks in the PE pavilion, body painting with my fellow SWC chairs, ushering at May Day, Currents, holiday CCC meetings, prize exchange Target-runs, advisory snack sign-ups, working together graduation morning, keiki smiles on carnival day, and so many more!”

“But one of my favorite memories, and one that has stuck with me, is attending my very first PFA meeting back in 2002. As a new kindergarten parent, I remember arriving at the President’s Pavilion eager and excited, but also nervous about not knowing anyone. I still remember my relief when another parent, the lovely Hope Staab, approached me and invited me to sit at her table. We chatted about things, both Punahou and personal, and I immediately felt at home.”

“Over my 21 years at Punahou, I have been fortunate to meet many Hopes (and Wendys, Lee Anns, Taryns and so many more!) who, through their kindness and generosity, have made my time at Punahou so meaningful. I hope that somewhere along the way I have paid Hope’s gift forward and made a fellow parent feel welcomed, included, and celebrated as she, and all of you, did for me. Mahalo and Aloha!”

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