PFA Hospitality: Friends, Fun, and School Community Connections

By Tara Humphreys, P’18, ’20, ’27, PFA Hospitality Committee Co-Chair 

Some might imagine their first Punahou PFA Monthly Gathering could feel like walking into the cafeteria at a new school: Where will I sit? Will I know anyone? It’s the Hospitality Committee’s hope to leave attendees feeling welcomed, inspired, and grateful to have met some friendly new people!

My Hospitality Co-Chair, Caroline Kauhane, and I have enjoyed catching up whenever we crossed Punahou paths for nearly two decades. She reflected on our chat at the last gathering of last year, “Imagine. The babies of our families (who spent their early years in strollers all over campus) are now embarking on their freshman year in Academy!”  Working together, while savoring these last four years at Punahou, was a fitting and natural choice. 

I’m lucky that my children have enjoyed me volunteering around school for as long as they can remember. From the classroom to the tennis court and soccer field, and from the Dance Pavilion to the costume room at Dillingham Theatre, I’ve spent countless hours working alongside many parent volunteers, which has enriched our family’s Punahou experience.

We’ve had fun collaborating with Lee Ann Ichimura, PFA Coordinator, about table centerpieces and thinking of ways we can add extra cheer to the beautiful spaces at Thurston Memorial Chapel and Courtyard and the President’s Pavilion. We’ve been noticing that families are eager to return to campus spaces. With attendance at our PFA Monthly Gatherings back to pre-pandemic numbers, it’s the perfect time to bring back the popular tradition of welcoming homemade dessert donations as a compliment to our fabulous lunch.

We enjoy keeping creative and paying it forward brings an even deeper meaning to hospitality.

Whether it’s been awhile since you’ve attended, or if you’ve always wanted to come but think you might not know someone, please consider joining us at our PFA Monthly Gatherings. We think you’ll enjoy them as much as we have!

The PFA Monthly Gathering is Friday, January 12, from 11:30 – 1 p.m. and will be held in the Thurston Memorial Chapel and Courtyard. A light lunch will be served beginning at 12:30 p.m.

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