Virtual Lunches Bring Third Graders Together

Third grade students have been connecting with each other through virtual lunch gatherings coordinated by their teachers, Erin Sugata, Jerusha Hagen ’90 Tabori, Trisha Katsuno and Julia Harrison ’09.

During the “Lokahi Lunch” period, which happens three times a week, students talk, laugh and have lunch together. “A favorite activity of the lunch group is viewing live animal cameras from zoos and aquariums throughout the nation, as well as participating in a ‘show and tell’ of their favorite things,” Sugata said. “Distance learning has allowed us to see adorable pets (dogs and chickens are most popular), and tour some fantastic home vegetable gardens. The lunch group has also discovered a common love for animals, drawing, writing, sports and video games. It is wonderful to see the children build and maintain their friendships during distance learning.”

Cristina ’30 is ready to dine with the “Lokahi Lunch” group
A favorite activity of the lunch group is watching live feeds from zoos and aquariums.

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