Mahalo from the 2022 – 2023 PFA President

Ivy Nip ’84 Asano, P’21, P’28, PFA President 2022 – 2023

As the close of the academic year nears, I invite you to celebrate the many accomplishments of our Punahou PFA community. With your efforts and generosity, we have been able to support our teachers and parents in the classroom; share in hosting our families at events such as Welcoming New Families, Flaming “P,” Sixth Grade Fun Day and Movie Night; support school programs and events such as the third grade lūau, Kupuna Day, May Day/Holokū programs and Case Middle School Canteens; and we have built connections at parent educational events such as our PFA Monthly Gathering and teacher talks. Together we put the Pedal to the Metal at Carnival 2023 and soon, we will celebrate the Punahou Class of 2023 at their graduation ceremonies. What an amazing year we have had together! I hope that you have made many fond memories!

Still, we cannot rest on our laurels. The close of the academic year provides an opportunity for us to reflect and suggest ways in which we can continue to improve. It is my hope that the level of parent/faculty participation and meaningful engagement will continue to increase. Hopefully we will continue to connect over our shared Punahou experience in a variety of ways – both online and especially in person. I hope that you will feel an even greater sense of belonging and support in our community. Your voice is important and your participation is essential to our success!

Truly, this year has been an example of the PFA motto: Many Hands, One Community, and there are many to thank. A heartfelt and warm mahalo to the 2022 – 2023 PFA Board, Leadership Team and Committees for their commitment and generous support. Your infectious enthusiasm, leadership and contributions have helped us achieve many goals. Mahalo for the joy that you bring to each and every event. Mahalo to those who paved the road before me – our past PFA presidents and leadership teams. Thank you for providing the foundation upon which we continue to build. Mahalo to Dr. Latham, the Punahou Board of Trustees and our Punahou faculty and staff for your vision and insistence on excellence for this Punahou Experience. We are grateful for your commitment to our children and families. Mahalo to our wonderful PFA Coordinator, Lee Ann Ichimura, for her guidance, patience and tireless effort. Finally, mahalo to our parent community for your continuous support and dedication. Your participation and involvement are the reasons for our shared successes. I hope that you see how much of a difference you have made.

I am honored and will remain forever grateful for the opportunity and privilege to have worked alongside you to make Punahou School a vibrant community where our children thrive and grow. Mahalo for a wonderful school year! I hope you will join me in supporting Michael Lee, 2023 – 2024 PFA President, and his leadership team. See you at the next PFA event!

Mahalo piha. Me ka ha‘aha‘a.

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