Carnival Celebrates Music of the ’90s

by Cassidy Kawashima ’23 and Rachel Breitweser ’03

Students of the Punahou Carnival Sound Booth have been busy curating music that will transport listeners to the ’90s for this year’s Carnival “Back in Time to ’99,” a theme that honors Punahou’s 90th Carnival.

The students have put together a playlist of ’90s rhythm and blues, rap, rock, iconic pop, love songs and more, including music from other decades to appeal to all audiences.

“The ’90s are all about the music that shaped pop-culture,” said Sound Booth Chair Mahina Hardin ’23. “As people make their way around Carnival, I hope our music will bring back ’90s nostalgia and bring generations together to enjoy the music of the decade.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s reaction when songs like ‘Ice Ice Baby’ and ‘Waterfalls’ come on. These iconic songs have lived on for decades, so I can imagine that people of all ages will be singing along.”

Sound Booth Chair Lindsay Minami ’23 created a sample playlist of ’90s music favorites so listeners at home can take part in the nostalgia since there is no public, on-campus event.

’90s music favorites

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