Punahou Brothers Share Family’s Effort to Assist During Crisis

“We’ve been closely following the COVID-19 situation even before the virus reached the U.S., because we have family members living in China. When the first case was confirmed in Hawai‘i, we were afraid that our Island might be short of medical appliances, and thus be underprepared, so we began working with our relatives in China to help the cause. Among those working with us are my uncle, my cousin and several of my parents’ friends. They spent a lot of time securing reliable suppliers and shipping companies in China, while we tried to get in contact with officials here who could help distribute the supplies to hospitals. In addition to standard medical masks, my family is also donating KN95 masks, safety goggles, as well as protective suits. We have already given masks to Hui Aloha, a local homeless advocacy group, and some of our friends who need them, and we hope that what we are doing can really help our community and turn the tide on the fight against the coronavirus on our Island.”

By Shen Yang ’21 and Hu Yang ’21

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