Quilter Lab for Creative Arts

Quilter Lab for Creative Arts

Amplifying Creativity through the Arts

While the arts have always played an important role in a Punahou education, students will soon experience visual and performing arts in a whole new way with the Quilter Lab for Creative Arts, named in honor of entrepreneur and musician Pat Quilter ’64. As part of the future Junior School Learning Commons complex, the two-story Quilter Lab will amplify opportunities for children in grades 2 – 5 to create authentic expressions of their learning through music, movement, drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture and more. The multipurpose pavilion and stage that connect the Quilter Lab with the rest of the Junior School Learning Commons provide a venue for these creative expressions to be shared with the School community, as authentic audiences for student-driven work are vital to the instructional vision for the K – 12 Learning Commons.

Music, Movement and Performance

Through an interdisciplinary integration of music, movement, speech and drama, students build their capacity for self-expression with an approach that values experimentation, improvisation and creative problem-solving.

Visual Arts

In Quilter Lab for Creative Arts, the second floor, named for the Wong family, will house an array of spaces – including classrooms, a covered lanai for outdoor work, a ceramics kiln and an exhibit area – that support students learning to translate their questions, interests and passions into concrete forms.

Quilter Lab for Creative Arts

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