Happy Pi Day

Pi Day – March 14 – is big in Case Middle School! Students from grade 6 Team Pueo experienced four Pi Day activities to celebrate: a pi memorization contest, history of pi videos, a Pi Day trivia quiz, and a hula hoop contest. At the end of the day, the winners of the pi memorization contest were awarded trophies, with the top winner memorizing 316 digits of pi! Parents donated pies and volunteered to help out at the pie celebration party. “We all had a memorable and fun time celebrating this amazing irrational number,” said Valerie Nakamura ’01 Hu, sixth grade math faculty member.

 Meanwhile, Team 7X students celebrated Pi Day by studying the origins of the holiday, playing Pi Day trivia games, and conducting online simulations to solve problems to approximate the value of the number pi. Students crafted a “Pi-Ku,” a variation of the Japanese “haiku,” using pi and the corresponding syllables. “Students also posed for photos and enjoyed donuts to celebrate an ins-‘pi’-ring week of learning,” said Renee Teraoka, seventh grade social studies faculty member.

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