Middle Schoolers Delight in PE

By Nanci Coolen, Junior School K – 8 Physical Education Department Head

Nanci Coolen gives an update on PE in the middle school

Case Middle School students have treasured their PE time. Due to COVID-19 and the various restrictions in place, students absolutely love the break from the classroom to move, play and interact with their classmates. As one sixth grader told me, “Its social interaction, and I really need this!” Another student shared, “PE is the one time it feels almost normal.”

Although the PE department has had to change so much of its curriculum, we are still able to provide fun, socially distanced activities that allow for fitness, as well as stress release, during this uncertain time. PE teachers have shifted slightly, and are now teaching with three main focus points – student safety, fun and movement (as much movement as possible in the hour they get, twice a week). We are so fortunate to have such amazing facilities such as the pool, tennis courts, Athletic Performance Center and more. 

To stay safe, students wear masks and are allowed to take off their face shields for class. All equipment is sanitized before and after. Students also wash their hands and use hand sanitizer before and after any physical activity. Swimmers wear their masks to class and take them off at the last minute and are socially distanced at all times in the pool and on pathways.

Many students have said, this is the best thing for them, mainly to see their friends and also to exercise. They really miss both so much during this time. They do still exercise, but with a friend, it is so much better.

I recently gave students a survey on how PE is going for them, and their quotes were inspiring. Middle schooler Jingxin Dong ’26 said: “It is really fun to be active and play games with other people besides your family.” Morgan Hom ’26 said: “It’s fun to take a break from sitting in a classroom all day to go outside and be active.”

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